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2013 – Safe Harbor bill soon to be introduced

2012 – LRB-2331 Safe Harbor bill

2011-12 – LRB 0253/1 Dietitian Licensing bill
Opposed and defeated

2010 – AB440, S115 Dietitian Licensing bill
Opposed, bill defeated

2009 – SB 115 Dietitian licensing bill

2009 – Safe Harbor Exemption health freedom bill
Supported; Not passed.

2008 – SB394 Dietitian licensing bill
Opposed; Defeated

The Wisconsin November 2010 election resulted in Republicans gaining control over all three branches of government. Democrats previously held the majority. The Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition (WIHFC) changed lobbyists and retained a highly respected lobbying firm, the Essie Kammer Group and Patrick Essie and his staff provide WIHFC with many resources and input for our legislation.

WIHFC introduced the Consumer Access to Wellness Choices legislation during the 2011 to 2012 session. The consumer access to wellness bill would protect the rights of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths, and natural health care practitioners to practice without being charged with practicing medicine without a license and will protect consumer access to these practitioners.
With Diane Miller’s expertise, Wisconsin has drafted the bill, and introduced it with Senator Terry Moulton (R) the lead sponsor on this legislation for WIHFC. It did not pass.
Spring 2010, Wisconsin successfully defeated a very restrictive Dietitian Licensing bill (AB440, S115) that would have been a direct infringement on free speech. Wisconsin leaders worked hard to educate legislators about the broad array of health care services that would be negatively impacted by the Dietitian licensing bill. In addition, they were prepared to introduce a health freedom bill to protect consumer access to traditional practitioners.

In 2008 and 2009, the Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition also defeated a dietitians’ bill with their lobbyist. At the end of November, 2009 WHFC members met with Susan Gingerich for an afternoon of grassroots lobbying training. The slides for that meeting are available for any state.

The Dietitian bills would make it illegal for unlicensed persons to practice nutrition care services, which are defined very broadly to include much of what nutritional consultants and nutrition practitioners do that are not licensed currently. The health freedom community will remain mobilized to defeat any such bills.

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