The Codex Alimentarius continues to focus on setting maximum upper limits of nutrients through their Recommended Nutrition Reference Value process. This is a dangerous activity that could undermine the existing US law known as the Proxmire Amendment. (Proxmire says that the FDA cannot set maximum upper limits on supplements without just cause). If Codex goes forward with this, and the US harmonizes, this could slip through the cracks. We are watching and Senators Hatch and Harkin are on record saying this cannot happen without Senate approval; however, we have to prepare in case there is an attempt to sneak it in, or to over ride Hatch and Harkin.

CODEX as previously reported is expanding its powers away from simply developing standards to insure a minimum standard on quality and cleanliness of food traded internationally. They have begun the slow crepe into food control. They are doing this using sodium, wanting to set limits on sodium content. Of course medical research has established that too much sodium in some can lead to higher blood pressure. However, it is a dangerous trend to let an international rulemaking body establish global food content standards.