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2011 – HB 1716 Complementary and Alternative Health Care Services bill
Support; no vote taken

2009 – SB40 Safe harbor exemption health freedom bill
Support ;Tabled at 1st hearing. Negotiations of study bill in progress

2007 – SB 1209 Dietitian licensing bill
Opposed and defeated

A strong leader in Texas has come forward to promote health freedom who was served a cease and desist letter from the state for unlicensed practice. In response, she and her family have contacted their Senator and Representative and their legislators have introduced the health freedom safe harbor exemption bill HF 1716. Texas Health Freedom Coalition is mobilizing the grassroots and is gearing up to support the legislation for the legislative session.

In 2010 Texas Health Freedom Coalition held legislative networking meetings at a restaurant near the Capitol in Austin TX with legislators and their aids to educate them about any upcoming introduction of a health freedom bill. Texas Health Freedom Coalition worked hard during the 2009 session to support in large numbers the passage of HB40, the Texas Complementary and Alternative Health Care Services Act, a safe harbor exemption law, which would have protected Texans’ access to unlicensed natural health care practitioners such as herbalists, traditional naturopaths, and homeopaths among others. The bill was heard in hearing for its first time on April 7th, 2009 and detailed prohibited acts by a provider and required a disclosure form to be provided to a client prior to providing services. The bill did not pass in 2009. In the most recent session, an attempt to pass a constitutional amendment was made.

THFC has a remarkable website with an incredibly wide variety of information about health freedom. The website includes short and informative podcasts and a host of documents providing the underpinnings for true health freedom. THFC has broad support from multiple organizations listed on their site and is certain to be successful in the future.

Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation is a key member of the Texas Steering Committee and Sunshine State Coordinator leaders are working hard to move the bill forward. SHFF State Coordinator is Gwen Johnson.

Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator

Gwyn Johnson
PH: 512-454-4439 Fax for letters to the legislators
7421 Burnet Rd.
Austin, Tx. 78757
E-Mail: gjangel@sbcglobal.net
Testimonials Website: www.pashb40fortexas.org

Texas Complementary and Alternative Medical Association
E-Mail: texascam@earthlink.net

Texas Health Freedom Coalition
Phone: 210-372-0557

State/Bill Number:
2013 Texas HJR 125

Constitutional Amendment



3/25/2013 (H) referred to Public Health – no change 5/22/13


State/Bill Number:
2013 Texas S.B. 64

Req all vaxs for Childcare employees


5/20 S coppoints Conferees- no change 5/22/13