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2013 – Safe harbor bill to be introduced

2012 – Safe harbor exemption bill HB259
Supported. Passed the House May24th, 2012 by a vote of 66 to 29.; No action in the Senate

2011 – HB 259 Complementary and Alternative Health Care Services Access
Supported; heard in the Committee on Health and Aging on September 21, 2011, but no vote taken until May, 2012

2010 – Safe harbor exemption bill HB 442
Supported, testified, no vote

2009 – Safe harbor exemption health freedom bill

2008 – HB580 Safe harbor exemption health freedom bill

2007 – H.B 148 Dietitian Licensing bill with registration for unlicensed practitioners
Opposed and defeated

2006 – HB 117 Dietitian Licensing bill with registration for unlicensed practitioners
Opposed and defeated

2005 – HB117Dietitian Licensing bill with exemption for unlicensed practitioners
Supported / but opposed after registration added

HB259 The Ohio Consumer Health Freedom Bill passed the House of Representatives on May 25, 2012. The session adjourned for the summer, and legislators did not return until after the elections in November. With only 4 weeks left in the session, the Senate did not proceed forward with the bill. The Ohio General Assembly must pass a budget by June 1st of the first year of the session, and they are working on the budget until it is finished. Our sponsor promises to reintroduce the bill soon after that. We are working to find a sponsor in the Senate who will help to promote the concept of our safe harbor bill. A strong grassroots effort is under way to flood the Senate especially with letters to the Senators.

Ohio groups have been working on Health Freedom bills since 2005, and are committed to pass a great bill, SOON! Ohio has had 4 safe harbor bills introduced and has been working with lobbyist Zach Holzapfel for two sessions. Representative John Adams has been our Republican Sponsor in our last two introductions, and Kenny Yuko joined him as the Democrat sponsor in the last session. We thank them both very much for their understanding of the bill, and their willingness to take it on as their own.

Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator

Susan Gingerich
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Jennifer Cheeseman – Treasurer
3735 St. Peter Rd.
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E-Mail: jcheesemanhealth@bright.net

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