New Jersey 2009 Update

New Jersey: A dietitian licensure bill, referred to as S-1941 and A-2933, was introduced in New Jersey in late June, 2008. Mid-September, it passed the Health Committee in the Assembly with only two dissenting votes. The committee chair is a sponsor of the bill.

Sunshine Health Freedom located a State Coordinator, Joan O’Rourke. The Sunshine Steering committee shares members with an established group that Darryl Clark is in charge of, with Dian Freeman as legislative liaison. Clinton Miller and Susan Gingerich met with them every other day for about two weeks, and then weekly, often having Diane Miller JD on the calls. The Senate bill did not move forward that session

Joan O’Rourke did a great job watching the agendas of those committees. The bills have not been rescheduled. Joan has resigned doe to family issues, so a new state cordinator is welcome.

New Jersey
Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator
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