New Hampshire – Update May, 2013

2007 – HB 908 Bill to regulate all bodywork and Reiki
Opposed and defeated

NH activists continue to consider the possibility of introducing a safe harbor health freedom exemption bill to provide long term protection of health freedoms in New Hampshire. In 2007, the International Center for Reiki Training supported New Hampshire activists in a grassroots challenge to an attempt to regulate Reiki under massage laws. Thanks to them for their leadership role in the grassroots efforts.

New Hampshire
Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator

Position available

New Hampshire Citizens for Health Freedom (NHCHF)
Attention: Gerhard Bedding
Phone: 603-355-2202

State/Bill Number:
2013 New Hampshire H.B.No. 660 

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4/30 – H retained bill – full cmmtt work session 5/21/2013 10:30am – no change 5/22/13