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Minnesota has a safe harbor exemption bill, passed in 1999 and they continue to work to protectit!!

Currently in 2011, the health freedom lobbying group, Minnesota Natural Health – Legal Reform Project, is working hard to move forward their raw milk initiative H.F. 255/S.B. 147 which will allow the raw milk farmers to deliver to their customers that are direct farm to consumer sales. Currently Minnesota has strong laws to protect consumer access to raw milk, but it is confined to sales on the farm. This bill will allow the farmer to bring their milk orders into town. MinnesotaNatural Health – Legal Reform Project was the lead lobbying group for the famous MN146A Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Freedom of Access Act of 1999. They continue to work hard at the state capitol to keep legislators informed about top priority issues for health freedom. Those include long term vigilance and protection of MN146A from outside threats such as: annual funding concerns; attempts to pass legislation regulating other groups of practitioners such as massage therapists without protection and exemption amendments for unlicensed practitioners; and their work to repeal a bill from last year that banned workman’s comp insurance coverage of MN146A practitioner services. As of March 2010, they have helped defeat a massage licensing bill that would not have been good for MN146 practitioners. This group has also been one of the leaders in mounting a strong legislative campaign to make sure consumers are not receiving mercury in their vaccines without being informed before they receive them and a watch dog group monitoring all other forms of legislation that might support or jeopardize health freedom in Minnesota. They are also currently launching a ground-breaking project to protect holistic doctors, and to also exempt parents out of child abuse allegations for refusing chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments for their children.Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator

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