Massachusetts 2009 Update

Health Freedom Action Massachusetts’s founding President Sheila Parks has handed leadership over to founding members George A. Rhoades PhD. and homeopath Janice Mancini as they move ahead to file a safe harbor exemption bill for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The 2009 fact sheets on the Consumer Access to Health Arts Bill stated: “This bill recognizes and provides for consumer access to health arts with provisions for consumer protection and practitioner safety. Free consumer access to health arts while providing for consumers to be able to make safe and informed choices…” The filing number in January 09 was #111409 and the first hearing on this bill took place on July 21, 2009. Massachusetts leaders are soliciting for new memberships and preparing for a successful presentation of their bill.

Sunshine Health Freedom State Coordinator
Position available

Health Freedom Action Massachusetts, Inc. (HFAM)
George A. Rhoads, PhD and Janice Mancini