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The 2011 session in Iowa has brought forth a licensing bill for Naturopathic Physicians and Iowa health freedom advocates are opposing the bill as written and have drafted amendments to the bill to ensure that unlicensed traditional naturopaths, herbalists, homeopaths and many other unlicensed healers are exempted from the licensing bill. Iowa Health Freedom Coalition is the face of health freedom at the Iowa capitol and they have been focusing on public education in the past year. In 2009 theyintroduced a safe harbor exemption bill HF855. They also worked on mercury free vaccine legislation, and on protection of children from Teen Screening. Sadly, the Chairman of the Health and Human Services committee in the House refused to give the safe harbor bill a hearing, blocking it from Committee discussions and votes. The bill would have exempted unlicensed practitioners such as herbalists, traditional naturopaths, homeopaths, and many natural health care providers from existing law of criminal charges of practicing medicine without a license. Freedom advocates are now mobilizing to cope with the negative language of the naturopathic licensing bill and they also continue to educate and teach Iowa legislators the power and common sense solution that a safe harbor would be for Iowa consumers and natural health care practitioners.

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