Idaho – Update May, 2013

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2010-2012 – S.B. 1369 Safe Harbor Exemption from Naturopathic Physician Act
Supported and Passed.

Idaho has the oldest safe harbor exemption bill, passed over 30 years ago! We are grateful to Idaho for preserving access to healers. Idaho law exempts from medical licensing requirements:
A person who administers treatment or provides advice regarding the human body and its functions that:
    (i) Does not use legend drugs or prescription drugs in such practice;
    (ii) Uses natural elements such as air, heat, water and light;
    (iii) Only uses class I or class II nonprescription, approved, medical devices as defined in section 513 of the federal food, drug and cosmetic act;
    (iv) Only uses vitamins, minerals, herbs, natural food products and their extracts, and nutritional supplements; and who
    (v) Does not perform surgery;
    (vi) Requires each person receiving services to sign a declaration of informed consent which includes an overview of the health care provider’s education which states that the health care provider is not an “M.D.” or “D.O.” and is not licensed under the provisions of this chapter.