Dietary Supplements are an integral part of a health promotion lifestyle. advocates for full and fair enforcement of existing laws regulating the quality and purity of dietary supplements  and looks to promote greater freedom to discuss the benefits of supplements.

Unlike what one often reads or hears in the mainstream media, dietary supplements are extensively regulated.   The United States Congress has since the 1960s instituted laws that clarified the laws related to dietary supplements.  To see that timeline, click here (insert link to document I will give you).  The most sweeping of these laws took place in 1994 and is known as the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).  This law clarified that dietary supplements fit into the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) food category of regulations rather than drug category. monitors (1) proposed legislation in the United States Congress (US House of Representatives and US Senate, (2) activities and proposed regulations of the (a) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other Department of Health and Human Services, (b) Federal Trade Commission, and (3) activities of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other international bodies whose actions may affect food and supplement regulation and access in the United States, or may affect the dietary supplement industry.