Congratulations Nevada! For the passage of AB295

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Congratulations Nevada!
For the passage of AB295
The Healing Arts Bill for Wellness Services

On June 9, 2015, Governor Brian Sandoval signed into law Nevada AB295, protecting Nevada’s citizen access to their many wonderful practitioners providing “wellness services”.  The bill was introduced by Assemblyman Kirner on March 13, 2015, signed into law on June 9, 2015, and went into effect July 1, 2015.  Click Here for Full bill language.

The The bill came forth from a dedicated team, working to protect access to wellness services including such practices as  anthroposophy, aromatherapy, traditional cultural healing practices, detoxification practices and therapies, energetic healing, folk practices, Gerson therapy and colostrum therapy, healing practices using food, dietary supplements, nutrients and the physical forces of heat, cold, water and light, herbology and herbalism, reflexology and Reiki, mind-body healing practices, nondiagnostic iridology, noninvasive instrumentalities, and holistic kinesiology.

 (Photo - right: Alexis Miller and Jim Jenks)
(Photo – right: Alexis Miller and Jim Jenks)
Jim Jenks of Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation is credited for his years of diligent service educating legislators about wellness services and his own profession, herbalism.  He and their brilliant and effective lobbyist, Alexis Miller, of Amplify Relations Lobbying Firm in Reno, Nevada, were successful at gaining near unanimous support for the bill.  Attorney Diane Miller of National Health Freedom Action reports that she has been involved in, and supporting the work of, Nevada activists for a number of years and is completely delighted and impressed with the team’s commitment to protect access to Nevada practitioners who practice in the public domain. NHFA would like to especially thank Jim Jenks for his central role, dedication, and hard work in bringing this bill forward and to completion.

Health Freedom activists from across the state and around the country are celebrating Nevada’s success which will protect Nevada health seekers’ rights to access traditional, cultural, complementary and alternative health care therapies and remedies and other wellness service freely.

NHFA works with over 30 states on the issue of protecting consumer access to wellness services from a broad variety of practitioners practicing in the public domain and reports that in many states the medical occupation laws are so broad that natural or traditional practitioners can be shut down or criminally charged for practice of medicine or other medical occupation without a license. Diane Miller states that Nevada wanted to avoid any chance of that happening given their population using wellness services.

Nevada now joins nine other states that have passed safe harbor bills to protect consumer access to these practitioners ensuring that these traditions and practices are preserved for generations to come. Those other states are Minnesota, Rhode Island, California, Louisiana, Arizona (for Hahnemanians), Idaho (since 1975), and Oklahoma (since 1994), New Mexico and Colorado. Congratulations Nevada and thank you Governor Sandoval and the Legislators of Nevada, for your protection of the healing culture of Nevada!!!